Tuesday, February 26, 2013

she came on top

I received an interesting surprise.  My wife has decided to get a brazillian.  Now many years ago we did this at home and she also went to someone hand had it done at one stage.  So twice in her life.

The reason is that she gets a rash down there and she is hoping the lack of har will reduce the irritation.

Whatever..... I'm all for it.  :) 
Especially if I get to do it.  <grin>

So out came the wax & materials but they all said not suitable for genitals. 

So I figured some research was necessary and so we lay in bed together with my laptop and searched the net.  Interestingly finding diy info on brazillian waxing is not as easy as you would think.  I suspect youtube see it as porn.  hey....:) and many of the other articles on the net seemed to be product promotions.

Then we got distracted looking at funny photos.
All nice an romantic.

I then sugested that she might like sex and wonderfully she did.  I put on some lube, hopped on top, pushed in gently.  We then rolled over and she moved herself and stimulated herself and came.  Gave me imense satisfaction too.