Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Morning cuddle

Alarm went off early
We cuddled.
Mindful of her desire for more cuddling and less overt sex I did not grope etc.  Just hugged and some stroking of her back.

I was as hard as and my balls are aching.
Hopefull that will pass in a few days maybe.

Up and at the day.
I hope she enjoyed it and did not feel the need to perform.


  1. I have just read your whole blog :) my hubby and i are pretty vanilla...but i do wonder! Wishing you luck on your journey not judt through lent but also with your wife. Im intrigued that you wish to submit to please her, because you love her, yet she still struggles with the things that please you.

    1. Are you suggesting that either you or your hubby are kinky to some degree? Does he want to be submissive?

    2. I think we are both a little kinky in some way. We arent missionary vanilla thats for sure. Ive been thinking about the D/s relationship recently but i really do not which i'd prefer to be! I like the idea of submitting to him as much as i like the idea of him submitting to me....leaves me in a bit of a spot huh!?

    3. Try one and then the other. See what works. Both have advantages but understand the part. If he submits to you then dominate him. If yu submit to him then make sure he understand what you expect from him in terms of leadership.

  2. Please you may be wrong.... Perhaps that you need is a better way to phrase it.

  3. Hi Gill,

    Thanks for reading the whole blog. You must be a glutton for punishment. 100km walk and reading this blog.

    Can you elaborate on your comments as I do not understand:
    "Please you may be wrong.... Perhaps that you need is a better way to phrase it."

    Mind you as I think you are hinting at there is a lot I don't understand in my relationship with my wife.

    1. Apologies, distinct lack of grammar didn't help!
      What I meant was rather not that your wife doesn't wish to please you but more that she doesn't fully understand what your needs are.
      I get the impression you have a need for her to take the lead, to instruct you and punish you when you let her down or fail her in some way. Equally to reward you when you please her.
      As a wife who loves her husband very much if mine asked me to punish him we would obviously discuss at length our way forward but I would try to do this willingly for him, to please him to acknowledge his needs I our relationship. It must be frustrating for you.

    2. Yes it is frustrating for me.

      "What I meant was rather not that your wife doesn't wish to please you but more that she doesn't fully understand what your needs are"

      that is true.
      She loves me. She often says she just wants me to be happy. At the same time she seems unable to get into sex. She is very busy with life and puts a lot of effort into many things. She just does not seem to put effort into understanding me.

      yes frustrating for me and at times sad for her.

    3. I guess i can see both points of view, its a whole new world you are trying to embrace and your wife, like you, is unsure of it. I love reading of the times she triess for you, she obviously loves you very much. I guess as you have written previously and others have commented, it is all about communication. One thing that does make me wonder though is why this blog is secret? Im sure if she could read your frustrations and feelings that you wirte about so eloquently here, and your love for her she might be able to get past some of her inner turmoil and embrace her husband for who he really is. A man who loves his wife, wants to please her and would be happy to take her lead in all things domestic, family and love.
      I really, really hope you succeed in submitting to your wife in a way that makes you happy.

    4. Hi Gill,

      Why secret?
      There are a couple of reasons.
      I have another blog which she is the only person able to read it. I post a similar message there but I can personalise it.
      The second is that here I have linked to various other blogs etc. Those exist in the kinky side of the world and I suspect that she would freak out even more.
      also I can canvas ideas here and hopefully people can give me feedback without worrying about how she might feel.

    5. Gill,
      your blog mentioning your 100km walk, is it open to receiving 'kinky comments'.
      I want to point out that you have a team of women walking and team of men supporting.
      Same as what my wife has.
      For me it is kind of interesting to note.
      I am not sure whether all the husbands see it in the same light as me.
      I do not want to make such a remark on your blog if it might cause you embarrassment.

  4. Morning, thanks for asking, i can see the dynamic similarities you mention, but i would prefer to keep the kinky comments off that blog purely because of the careers that some of the team have and equally the husbands! They would be less that receptive! I will be creating a new blog in a similar vein to this one, i'll let you know when its up and running so you can post away!! I do appreciate you asking though.