Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two types of submission for men

Here I am writing on my blog and reading other blogs predominantly authored by men who claim that they are or desire to be submissive to their wives or a woman partner.  I was thinking that most of these are overtly sexual in some way. 

For example, in this post, subservienthusband talks about doing the ironing and he has sexualised it and gets an erection and drips precum doing the ironing.  Later in the same posting he talks about wearing feminine clothing and so on.

Likewise I want my relationship with my wife to be one overt submission with a strong at least in private sexual aspect to it.  An emphasis of female power in the bed room.  The bed room being a place where things can be taken to greater extremes in public.  Spanking, tease & denial and so on. 

So far this post has been about my thoughts and I guess what I desire out of it.

The difficulty is in extracting my wife's thoughts.  Finding out what she wants.

Now on the other hand there is I think another sort of non sexual submission that is I think very common although of course we do not know what goes on behind closed doors.  I think there are many men who just do as their wives tell them.  In a way for a long time this was our relationship.  My wife controlled the social calendar and I just went along with it.  She said "we are doing...." and that is what we did. 

In the bed room though, it seems that my wife wants me to lead.  So I have this juxtaposition in my brain.  In so many areas of our life, she leads but in the bed room she wants me to romance and woo and stimulate and SERVE HER.  So in a way that is very very consistent.  She wants to respons rarher than lead.  She wants me to work on her.

Somehow we need to work out common ground.  I think what I would love, given she is not going to turn into a dominatrix, is where I do work on her and romance her and so on but at the same time, it would be great if she were to control when I cum or something like that.

Gotta go.

Will think and write more later.


  1. Mr SMH,

    I do not think I attempted to sexualize ironing. I was simply writing a journal entry dichotomizing why I had a wet spot on my shorts after I completed the ironing. I was confused why this is the case and wanted to try to see if I could get to the bottom of it by putting my thoughts into words.

    I don’t understand why I am attack so for simply putting my thoughts into words.


    1. I don't think you were being attacked. I think you were being used as an example of men sexualizing housework. Gotta admit, they sometimes do.

    2. Hi subservient-husband,
      I sure did not intend to attack you.

  2. You need to change your perception of your wife in order to bring both compartments of your FLR together in your mind. I think you wife may have already done so. Think of her as a Goddess to be worshiped at all times. Serving her in the kitchen, in the car, with the neighbors, etc. and also in the bedroom. Serving her the way she wants you to is what your life should be about. Worship her in the bedroom, asking nothing for yourself.

    1. Hi MsNaydi,
      Ah that I do. I do need to change my perception of my wife. I believe I need to be stronger in order to be more submissive / useful / loving. By stronger, I mean I have a tendancy toward self pity and I need to get over that.

  3. Standing round chatting with friends last night and there was some discussion about gardening. One fellow said "I just dig the holes, my wife plants the tree".