Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Yesterday was valentines day.

Kids in bed.
I get some candles and light them and put them in our bed room.

She lay on her back naked on the bed and told me to get a washer and wipe her down.
I did this, returning to the bath room several times to wash the washer clean after doing parts of her body like feet.

All was looking good.

She lay down and I asked if she would like a massage.  She said yes and rolled onto her tummy.  Some massage oil and I rubbed her back and she went to sleep.

I got up.
Blew out the candles
Lay in bed.

I lay there thinking.  On the one hand I had served her.  On the other, apart from the requiremennt to wipe her down, there had been no dominant behaviour on her part.

I do confess to feeling a bit lonely, isolated....

No cuddling from her.

I dozed for a bit then got up and went to work.

It is hard to have a relationship with someone who goes to sleep whenever we get to bed.

Maybe I should just concentrate on the service I brought to her.  That at least was fun.

Midday Update:
Had a chat to my wife.  I feel much better now.  She really enjoyed being able to just go to sleep.  I tried to assure her that that was great for me.  I wanted her to feel no pressure and that I get great satisfaction from her enjoyment.

She had texted me that she was concerned about me abstaining.  I said that if she wanted me to orgasm I would but that what I was trying to do was give her space so that I could engage in intimate contact without the expectation of it leading to sex.  She said that she would like to just hug and kiss and I said 'exactly'.

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  1. I think it is great that your wife can feel comfortable going to sleep and not expecting that she has to return any favors. Makes her into a goddess with all the power.

    I say embrace it and continue to assure her that you are more concerned with her pleasure ... things will head in the right direction.