Saturday, February 2, 2013

All for her

Well Friday night and the last free friday night for us.  The net many weeks one or other of us is busy on Friday night.  Mostly helpin with our church youth group or other activites already pencilled in on the calendar.

In the aftenoon I trade texts with my wife and invite her out to dinner and a movie.  I find some of our kids are going to a sleepover.  She accepts the invitation and we are away.

I book tickets at a theatre that has tables within the theatre and you eat as you watch the film.  Feel kind of guilty having two glasses of wine while watching the filem "Flight".  I suspect it was written by alcoholics anonomous. Go see it and you will see what I mean.

Home at a reasonable hour and chase the remaining kids to bed.  And amazingly we are in the bed room before 10pm. 

It is not long before I am in my undies and she is still in her short denim dress that she wore to the movies.  We are touching and kissing and I am being very careful not to go straight between her legs.  Gentle touch on her legs, back and bottom.  While lying on her tummy she says "run your hand up my leg and under my skirt" and I do and I feel new frilly panties.  Oh so sexy.

We continue and I am enjoying the panties and she is getting more and more turned on.  I can sense this and I move closer and eventlyally stroke her clit through the panties and then slide a finger into the leg hole of the panties and stroke her clit and she cums.

We lie back and relax and she starts to drift off to sleep.

Is that all I think and can feel myself getting anoyed.  Try to hold it together. 

It starts to rain.  She says there is washing on the line.  I take this as a hint and get up and go and start getting it.  It's quite cold & fesh and just a bit titilating being outdoors in the back yard wearing only my underwear and taking the clothes off the line.  I wonder if the neighbours are watching.  Of course I sexualise it by imaginging men being expected to do the washing in their underwear.

She comes and helps.  This is good.  It has woken her up.  With the wind picking up, we close windows and make the house safe for the impending storm and then it is back to the bed room.

I lie in and she does a strip tease.  Nice and slow.....I have been trying to encourage her to tease me and finally.....It is fun.  Stimulating.

She is in her balck bra and frilly panties and that is as far as that went and she hops into bed. We are lying ontop of the sheet because it it pretty warm still even though it is raining outside.

At one stage she said something about whipping me and I said "when it comes to love we need to speak each others love language and that means that do unto others does not follow" (As it we don't want them to do unto us what they want we want them to do what we want.  What turns me on is what I want and what turns you on is what I should do).  I am hoping that she will pinch my nipples or whip me or in some way inflict some pain on me or be direct and bossy with me.  Apart from a gentle twist of one nipple that is all that happens in that department.

The touching and caressing continues and naturally I am enjoying the feel of those panties.  Eventually we have her turned on again and my finger inside her panties and I suggest that I lick her and she accepts.  She rolls on her tummy and together we remove her panties.

Then I get between her legs and lick and move my tongue around and I am there for quite a while and she says hoe good it is and how close she is and how stimulating this is and then she cums and I know that because she gets all ticklish and gigly and so that is the end of that.

Today I have a sore jaw.

The only down side was that I could not stay hard.  I was at the start but after she had cum the second time she said she wanted me inside her and I could not perform.

On another topic, the power of mothers, There is a different standard attached to what mothers and fathers, men and women can do.  At a kids sporting event today and standing with a group of parents.  The rest were mothers and one of them had her just teenage (I guess) daughter there wearing a relativly tight top that showed smallish breasts.  With girl there, three of the mothers started to discuss the daughters development.  Now naturally my ears pick up.  Dirty old man that I am I guess.  When to illustrate a point that I missed the mother basically reached out and squeezes the girls breast.  The other two mothers then each repeat the feeling up.  Wow.  If I guy did that they would be arrested if they were still alive after the mothers finished with them.

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