Sunday, February 3, 2013

men and girls clothing

We have seen over the years that women and girls can wear what have traditionally been mens clothing but the reverse has not happened.

With the exception of scottish kilts and pacific islander togas and the like men effectively do not wear skirts.

To me there seems to be a few issue to be considered

First when women start to wear mens clothes it is not sexualised.  They I guess would claim that they wear pants for practical reasons and likewise with bike pants.  So yes they look good but they wear them almost in a way so that they can perform an activiy modestly.  Yet when men wear womens clothing it seems that it is sexualised.

In blogs and articles about submissive men that end up being dressed in womens clothing - panties and the like there is not only a sexualisation but also I believe a pulling down of women.  The inference often is that they are weak or somethinng.  Yet at the same time we are implying that FLR is strong. 

I would think that in a FLR relationship that both the man and the woman are strong.  The woman must be strong to take the lead and keep it.  The man likewise must be strong to be able to exist in that relationship.  Unless he is beaten down (and in every blog I have ever read, the husband wants FLR) then it will take a strong man to live under the authority of a woman.

So where does that get us or me anyway.

Well guess is that men will never end up dressing in beautiful what I would describe as sexy ball gowns, dresses high heels and the like.

My suspicion is that men may end up wearing kilts.  My suspicion is that with women in charge that they will select to have their men wear what I think I would refer to as "tough guy skirts".  I think the only real example of that that I have seen are the bag pipers wearing kilts.  I have on occasion been close to them performing and the whole thing reeks of power, performance and testosterone.  So not wossy skirts at all.  So my suspicion is that men will end up wearing kilts, possibly even sort of denim skirts but with bike pants under them. 

But you never know.  We may find men wearing tights and high heels.  I know some men would love this.  But I doubt that will become common.  My suspicion is that men will always wear clothing that lets them toss a football round or jump up a ladder and so on. So this won't preclude skirts but they will be teamed with bike pants or similar.

I came back and added this bit after searching goodle for "feminine mens clothing" and maybe we will end up with dresses, heels, tights, makeup.

Today a colleague at work tells me that her niece who is at university has a "onsie".  I am thinking thats a bit odd, kinky etc.  So I ask do tell more.  Turns out it is an animal character of some kind and the girl is quite happy to not just wear it to the odd university party but also on occasion to a lecture.  Obviously for a laugh but an indication of how times and clothing change.  Maybe we will all revert to wearing traditionally baby clothes.  ???

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