Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abstaining for lent

Well Lent starts today (Wednesday).
I had raised the idea of abstaining from orgasm with my wife but had not received much response.

She did say what are you going to do instead, will you (me) use that time for prayer.

I have to smile when writing this because the general consensus is that guys tend to be wham bang thank you mam all over in under a minute.  So trading orgasm for prayer would not be giving much time to God.

So initially I was somewhat disapointed that she did not do the dominatrix thing and insist on it.

I am going to try on my own and ask her to help and encourage me.

Doing it on my own requires a greater strength than doing it in her strength.

Maybe it will re energise me and maybe it will open space for her to express love.

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