Thursday, February 28, 2013

A text from my wife

This morning I sent my wife an email similar to the previous post.

She sent a reply agreeing.

Then she sent me a text instructing me to sort out an insuance issue with one of our cars.

I have just received a text that reads
"Do I have your blessing to go to this new exercise class tonight at the gym. I will be home just after you put the kids to bed."

There is a subtilty with the wording.  You may note it appears that she is asking my permission but there is a sort of a catch here.  Firstly if I sulk and complain that she is out and I am lonely then she will say that she asked me and I was ok with it.  The next thing is if I say 'no' then she has a different engagement that would have resulted in her being out anyway.

Next I note the implied instruction that I will put the kids to bed.

And finally what is not obvious is that it is implied that if I am going to get my fix of 15 minutes of physical attention tonight then by the time  she gets home I must have done all of the following

  • Kitchen & dining room table cleaned and
  • washing up done or had the kids do it but that usualy means I do at least the last bit.
  • Supervised kids home work.  (No TV allowed during the week).
  • School uniforms ironed and ready in each kids bed room.
  • Children bathed and in bed.
  • I have put a glass of water beside her bed.

If any of this is not done, then she will do it when she gets home and that means that even though I will get attention it will not be for ages as as well as doing whatever I did not do, she will do other things and she will go and check her email.  on the plus side, If I do it, she will be happier and there is more chance of something exciting happening.  So guess we all know what I will be doing tonight. 

Incidentilly she took the TV out of the lounge room so if any of us want to watch TV there is a lot of rigmorole involved in bring it in and connecting it up.  So you can see how she controls things even in a non sexual way.

On the plus side, as a hang over from when I was more dominant and as a result of her christian upbringing and the idea that women should look feminine etc etc, there is a very good chance that she will wear her sexy short sports skirt to the gym.  It has built in lycra undies and I very much enjoy seeing her in it.

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