Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 love languages ideas

These are the 5 love languages (See below for more explanation)

1  Words of affirmation
2  Quality Time
3  Receiving Gifts
4  Acts of service
5  Physical Touch

I am looking for ideas.  I would like to specifically do one of each of these each day for her.  So far I have done a few things - Bought her flowers, chocolate, made sure I listen if she wishes to talk, done washing and hung it out and brought it in, hugged her.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.



  1. I love that book!
    There are so many things that you can do...

    Little notes left around the house
    Text messages
    Emails (words don't have to be verbal, they can be written)
    Massages and/or foot rubs
    A planned evening, outing, whatever
    A drawn bath with candles/bubbles/music
    Surprise gifts

    I tend to be a romantic and always appreciate anything that my sub puts thought and effort into.

    I hope this helps!


  2. Hi MBB,
    They are great. I feel re-inspired.

  3. I strongly recommend the book, The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick. Reading (working through) this book will reignite the good stuff in any marriage. Having a submissive nature will make the challenges presented by this book even more fun. While it is a "christian" book written for "normal" couples it is not at all preachy.

    Also, if I may offer a little unsolicited advice, I really think you need to deny yourself the whole diaper fetish thing. Being submissive your wife is one thing.... a potentially very positive thing. I can't imagine diapers eliciting anything positive from your wife. Dude, that's really destructive to your marriage..... drop it.

  4. Hi Obedient husband,
    Thanks for the reply. I will go and look for the book you mention. We are Christians so no drama there.

    I agree she ain't keen on diapers. We keep that in the background.