Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lost it again last night.

I got home from work and we were to go and visit a friend. My wife had said she would ring and organise the exact time and details.  My wife was not home when it came to to the time I thought we should leaave. 

My friend called me to ask where we were. 

I tried calling my wife but no answer. 

When she fially got home she said she had forgotten to call and she was not worried about being late. I felt bad / ignored / forgotton / disrested not sure exactly which but anoyed for sure.

 I got anoyed and spoke harshly and judjementally to my wife.  

So anoyed with myself.  Hardly submissive.
Requested and received a whipping.
The hardest yet.
Some dark bruises on the top back of my right leg.
I deserve it.
I appreciate it.
I wish to be better.

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