Sunday, July 10, 2011


this is just a brief update. from my phone.

my wife is away for a few days at a conference.

I am looking after the kids. today though the kids are visiting her parents. its great that we all get on well.

I feel good that I can support her by looking after the kids.

in other things / feelings:
there is still some bruising on the back of my legs from my last whipping. last Tuesday night ? it was pretty intense and I deserved it for getting grumpy and speaking harshly to her. I think she is becoming more comfortable with the idea of punishing me. not to lord it over me but because I have asked for her help in me learning more self control.

mentally I continue to have what I call submissive desires. on Friday I suggested sex and sh was quite direct with saying that she did not want sex and that surely I could wait until atleast she gets back from her conference in a weeks time.

I also wonder whether she is gaining confidence with discipline of the kids. we have always spanked our kids normally she would get me to spank or when they reached 10, strap them and often, even though we would discuss the punishment, after it was complete, she would by crying along with the kid who had deceived it.

Anyway, when I decided to submit to her, we had several discussions about her punishing me and she was not enthused by the idea. I asked her to whip me using a piece of electrical chord and told her that one of the reasons I chose it was it was not a implement that I would ever even consider using on the kids. I wanted to ensure that my fetish (for want of an alternate description) was never in any way associated with my child rearing. in fact since submitting to her, I had not instigated punishing the kids at all. I would only do it if she asked me to and as in the past she was always present when I physically punished the kids.

anyway, interestingly, on Friday when I got home from work she told me that son2 would not be going for a sleepover at his friends house because of bad behaviour and that she had warned him and then delivered 4 strokes of the belt and then another two and then an hour later when the rude behaviour continued she had withdrawn the sleepover priviledge.

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  1. "I feel good that I can support her by looking after the kids."

    I don't see what this has to do with anything.

    Every good father/husband is there for his family, to look after his children each and every day without thinking that it's some sort of submissive gesture, unless, of course, you're of the outdated mindset that looking after the children in a vanilla relationship is "women's work".