Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

My wife has been working hard all week even though it is school holidays and I know she has really enjoyed the course she was on but also missed the kids.

So I figured on a couple of things.  I would invite her to a movie and dinner Friday evening and then do some gardening on Saturday as she like gardening and the kids enjoy being in the yard too.

I also thought I would take her to a movie that was a little different and possibly titilate her.

I had seen a review for "Sleeping Beauty" on TV.  Reviewed by David & Margaret.  They are older and reasonably conservative and so it looked like a sort of middle class soft porn.  Like moulon rouge or eyes wide shut.  Now I recall seeing eyes wide shut and my wife had gotten titillated by that especially two girls who are kissing in one scene.  And also on one occasion when us and several other couples from our group of friends had had a night on the town.  Trying to recapture our youth I guess.  :).  She and one of the other wives had kissed each other.  They were all over each other tongues in each other mouths and touching shoulders and breasts.  (Too much to drink I guess).  Anyway I figured take a risk.

In hindsight.  Should have bit-torrented it and watched it first.
B O R I N G.

Have a movie review
The only really titillating bit and interestingly we both agreed on that was the scene where the girl is standing in bra and panties and being inspected.
There was a potentially titilating scene where all these topless girls are waiting on old men.  But no sexual tension because they were too old to do anything and she was too cold to feel anything if that makes sense.

Then there is a strange turn, hence the name of the story, where she is paid to be drugged to send her to sleep and then old men paw her and drool over her and of course she does not know what happens and that makes it mildly interesting.

So its a slow character study but her character has not much dialogue.  Seems to have few friends and those that she does have are either totally out of it or flip coins to fuck her and yet the only person she seems to care for is the guy with the drug problem.  She seems to not want to love nor be in anyway bashful about her body.  There was little or no sexual tension as she was so cold.  Just my thoughts anyway.

Watching dirty old men lick a girls face when she is out cold does nothing for me or my wife.
The only titillating bit (for me anyway) is at the 18 second mark.

So anyway after the movie we went to a bar and had a wine.  Came home and went to bed.  She tried but did not get turned on.  I tried and succeeded not to get angry or pushy and not pressurise her into sex.  I think I am learning.  Albeit slowly.

Sat AM rewarded with sex.  She was trying to get turned on but it was not happening.  She asked me to put some lube on and come in from on top.  I did this gently and that in its self was a real turn on for me.  Then she indicated to roll over.  Her taking the initiative is a turn on for me and her on top is a good way I know for her to get turned on.  She said today I want us to come together.  Well who am I to argue.  Actually seriously even though I want to her to play with tease and deny.  I do not not want sex and I do want to do as she asks.
So we did and it was great.  Really great.

FF to Sat night.
Tried to get her interested in sex.  She was tired and basically fell asleep.  I lost it again and grumped at her.  Then even as I am doing it I am annoyed with myself.  I am still as I write this disappointed in myself.
I deserve a whipping.  Who knows.

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