Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Primary Love Language

It would seem that we have my wifes primary love language as "acts of service" and so that should work out reasonably well for me taking the submissive role.  It means that the more I serve, the more she will feel that I love her. 

It is kind of nice to be able to focus my male one track mind.

Obviously I can not totally neglect the other 4 languages but for now I will enjoy having something to focus on.

I guess there are general acts of service
Washing up,
Tidy house
and personal acts of service
Massage - Big advantage of this one is that it is service to her and "physical touch" for me and is not 'invasive physical touch' ie groping which is her big turn off.
Foot massage - I know that others write about spending hours massaging their partners feet,

I suspect that she sees letting me have sex or not have sex is seen by her as an act of service to me.  That is tease and denial does nothing for her but she does it because she knows I like it.  Interesting to consider it from that point of view.

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