Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missing her

My wife is still away and I am missing her.
I am glad that she feels free to be away and that makes me feel good.
subservient-husband has an inspirational posting about how doing household chores turns him on.
I have from time to time gotten into that head space and loved it but right now, it just seems like a chore.

Like him, I earn 50% more than my wife and also I really enjoy my work and I very much doubt if my wife would wish me to give up work.  Also she likes doing some things.  She actually likes cooking although she does appreciate it when I cook.  She also insists on doing the grocery shopping.  On many occasions over the years I have offerred to do the grocery shopping.  Even pre submission days, it seemed to be one way I could contribute.  But to no avail.  Ironing is an interesting one.  I do not think either of us like ironing.  When we were married (even when I was trying to get her to submit to me - naughty me!) I said to her that "I did not do ironing" but I would not force her to either.  I said that I work all day and I bring in money.  I am happy to pay someone to iron.  Not sure what I should do here.  Mind you if she asks or tells me to iron then I would jump at it.

On the other hand, she is not into tidying up.  She likes a tidy house but is too much of a hoarder so there is too much junk around our house so I am spending time putting a lot of stuff in the attic and taking it to the tip.  Mind you, I do not want to be seen as being "sneaky" or "passive agressive" so anything that is hers or that she may wish to keep is not being thrown out.

We had a lovely phone call from her last night and she spoke to me and to each child in turn.

Last night I had all the kids making their school lunches ready for today and I enjoyed that too.

Also with her away, I was a bit naughty.  I did not masturbate as I have asked her to control my orgasms but I have a bit of a fetish for wearing diapers and plastic pants so I indulged that.  She knows I wear them to things like concerts or to work on days when I have potentially long meetings because I go from OK to desparate to pee in about 30 seconds and that is just distracting or anoying.  But at home, she does not like to touch the plastic pants nor feel the diapers.  So last night, I peed in the toilet, then I put on a diaper and plastic pants and my pyjamas.  Tucked my penis pointing backwards to prevent any possibility of an erection.  Went to bed.  In the middle of the night when I would normally get out of bed for the 2am pee, I just relaxed and wet and went back to sleep.  Disgusting arn't I. 

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