Friday, July 1, 2011

Whipped again

I so could not sleep last night.
Maybe too much coffee during the day (I only had 2 cups though)
Maybe no wine at dinner
Maybe no sex for a few days.
I was worried my tossing and turning would keep her awake.
In the morning I was so turned on but no chance of sex.

I asked her to whip me again to help me focus.
and she did.
So nice.
Helped me focus and made doing helpful tasks so much easier.

We had a chat recently, actually it is nice to talk and we have had more talks recently than we did for many years.  Anyway I asked if she noted that I seemed to be in a cycle and that I would have sex (which I really enjoyed) but then usually a day or so later I would become moody and sometimes say sharp words and then say sorry and ask to be whipped and then be refocussed and generally happier.

She said "yes she had noticed"
I then said "Maybe then the best thing would be to keep me chaste"
She said "That maybe the best thing"
So on the one hand I do want to be happy and helpful
But I also want to have sex.
But unless I can show her that Ican have sex and not "loose it"
I suspect the phrase "be carful what you wish for" may result in long periods of abstinance.

I also asked if she would whip me once a week.
I did not use the term "maintenance spanking" because I doubt if she knows the term and I was not sure how she would react to me knowing the term.
She said that it seems she has to whip me pretty much weekly anyway.
We then discussed that it was not a punishment and would be independant of punishment.  More of a regular scheduled thing same night each week.

So I am hopeful that she will implement that and also hopeful that she would be willing to punish closer to the time that I misbehave.


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