Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Submissive or just a helpful husband

Regular readers would know that from time to time I muse about the philosophy of all this
For example

I wonder what the difference between a submissive husband and simply a helpful husband is.
Perhaps that is the benefit for her.
They say 'women give sex to get love, men give love to get sex'
Am I giving - being helpful to her to get love and or sex?

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  1. Before our "femdom" play, I would say that I was a helpful husband when I was looking for sex. Non submissive husbands know this, as there is a lot of research that men that help around the house get more bedroom action. It's totally true.

    But a submissive husband gets satisfaction in the act of making his wife's life better. Sex has been more and more "about her" and not about me, and I am very happy. I think that's the difference.