Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not much hapening

I think she tolerates me but does not in any way shape or form have even the remotest idea about it.

I think for her sex is something that happens and she enjoys it when the planets line up providing she is not busy.  Sex is just not even at the back of her mind.


I can suggest teasing me but she just does not get it and does not think of it.

Frustrating actually.

OK and all you who say its topping from the bottom, well if it then so be it.  To me both parties need to get something.  Win - win.  So far it seems I am looking for ways to satisfy both of us and she is satisfied with nothing.  By that I do not mean that she is never satisfied.  Rather the opposite.  She is satisfied by nothing / by everything.  Certainly satisfied by non sexual stuff.

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