Wednesday, July 20, 2011

needing not wanting

Last night I got grumpy and spoke shortly to my wife.
This does not inspire her nore do anything for me.

Did not sleep well.
Realised as the garbage truck drove up the street that I had forgotton to put the bins out.

Got up put bins out on the other side of the road which had not been done yet.
Went back inside and crawled into bed.
Wife now awake.

I lay in bed pondering.
I was feeling a bit depressed I guess.
I thought she should whip me for the way I had spoken to her last night and also for me not being proactive and helping but I really did not feel like it.
Its kind of interesting to consider punishmnet.  Especially physical punishment.  People see it as either abuse or cathardic (I guess).
I figured though that I can't just get whipped when I feel like it. 

So I eventually resolved to ask her.
Said "you really should whip me for being so rude last night".

So she did.
Turned on the bed side light.
Opened the bottom draw and took out the electrical flex.
I did not count them but they were good and painful.
I feel better now.
   Clearer head,
   Like she is in control a bit anyway.
   Punished for behaving wrong.

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