Tuesday, July 26, 2011

philosophical musings

Subservient husband has an interesting posting
It mentions many things
Long term chastity,  Masculine feelings,
feeling more 'feminine' possibly even a desire to cross dress.

It has stimulated my thinking
I really enjoy it when my wife reaches orgasm.  It actually makes me feel like I have contributed to the relationship.  It is especially nice when this happens without me reaching orgasm.  I enjoy the feeling that she has had pleasure and I get pleasure from focussing on her.

This is not to say I never want sex or never want to reach orgasm - I do.  But I also get enjoyment from not being distracted by me reaching orgasm.

But it is a head space thing.  I would imagine I would feel very left out if she were to have tried to force this on me.

'Your such a girl', 'Good Girl'
There was a time when that was seen as a derogatory term.  Then we had a phase in which that was a politically incorrect statement.  I wonder if one day soon it will be seen as words of praise.

Dressing Pretty
In Subservient husband's blog he mentions a desire to dress more prettilly and one of the commenters also said that her husband would like to do this too.
As I think about it I think the following
How do men dress to impress?  They really have fewer options.
Women can wear anything that men wear but men can not really wear dresses.
Having said that I went to a pub with my wife and some friends and some scottish bag pipers performed wearing kilts and it was a real powerful experience of masculinity.  They appeared powerful yet were wearing skirts.  Interesting thoughts.  The women in our group were certainly aroused.

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