Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday AM

My wife is still away.

I have not had sexual release since before she went away almost a week ago.

Recently I have been kept a week or two chaste and it has almost been a non event.  A couple of times I blogged each day with how I felt and gave up because it was too easy and I was not really feeling anything.

Today I am feeling sort of aprehensive for want of a better word.  There is a strange feeling of tension? between my shoulder blades and chest like a person is pushing in slightly with their fingers.  Weird. I shrug my shoulders and get on with it.  I remember feeling it before when I was abstaining.

In recent times, when I abstained, I did not get this feeling.  Perhaps it is because this time, she is not present.  In the last few periods of abstinance, she has stroked my penis and teased me a little and that made it much easier to actually abstain.  The acknowledgemet that I was facing a small physical challenge I think.

Naturally at night I wake up with a hard on and have to resist the temptation to rub myself.

I find myself thinking of her constantly.  In my submissive frame of mind, I am thinking what can I do for her.  What will make her feel happy when she returns.

I also selfishly think of what I would love her to do to me when she returns.
The list includes:-
Thanking me for cleaning the house and looking after the kids. (selfish of me to want a thankyou)
Playing a tease and denial game.
Sex.  - Yes I like to abstain but I do like sex too.  very much.
Her stating that I would have continued abstinance.
Spanking me or whipping me - Makes me feel submissive and reinforces her authority.  I do not think I will be asking to be punished because I do not feel I have done anything wrong but I would love her to either give me a 'maintenance spanking' or if I have disapointed her then for her to explain that and then punish me.

Feel free to make suggestions.
What would be nice would be suggestions as to nice text messages I could send her.

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