Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Attitude and the value of a coach

I try to do some exercise most days.  Some at the gym some playing sport.  One day a week I go to the gym and have a personal trainer.  There are several reasons here.  One is to do the exercise the correct way and also to do the most appropriate exercise for me.  Another reason is to do it hard. 

A couple of weeks ago, I came down with a bad cold.  So much so I cancelled one session.  There was a bit of a long slow recovery and last Wednesday morning, I was really struggling.  So the less than 100% physical condition was compounded by a somewhat depressed state of mind associated with marital issues.

Today on the other had was completely turned around.  I was feeling positive before I got to the gym and so got may benefit from the trainer.  The point I was thinking about was providing the trainer has a reasonable degree of expertise so as to elicit my respect then even a small amount of encouragement from him/her will result in more effort from me and when the weight is such that I am struggling to get that final rep a certain strength or command in his/her voice is all it takes to get me to give that extra push. 

I liken the trainer to a "Dom" in a Dom/sub relationship.

Interestingly, I was a bit naughty and read a bit of porn on the net and totally coincidentally read some mindless mind fantasy where the two middle ages house wives are seeing a personal trainer to try and get back their youthful pre baby body shape and if they slack off then he uses the strap on them. 

I have a confession to make: I masturbated.  (Not as a result of the above porn).  Just because I was feeling blur.   There was this feeling that my wife does not care either way.  Sort of on my part wishing that she would be more overt in her wishes or more encouraging in a coach kind of way.  But it seems she is not engaged and I just felt "whatever".  The sad thing was that I was not even aroused (hard) before I started.  It was a total slack thing.

I think what I need is a coach - some kind of sex coach, or sub husband coach.  Someone to keep me honest and to encourage and push me.  In the context of this kink, and feeding the addiction, (Smile) This coach would ideally be a woman with a cane.

Payment - I guess I pay my personal trainer at the gym so it would in that context be ok to pay this coach.  I would prefer to find someone to do it for free.  Like if in fantasy land some lady wished me to take on that role for her, I would gladly do it.  For me the enjoyment of spanking her for her lack of adherence to goals would make up for the time and effort spent on that supervision.  However I guess a 50yo man does not elicit the same response from potential sex? coaches.

I had a bit of a search on the net and kinky dominatrix's seem to charge $400 plus for an hour.  That unfortunately is above budget.  Maybe $100 for a meeting once a week would be achievable.

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