Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gender view

Experienced an example of how gender is being neutered.  At a school function and a family were there with two kids.  I though two girls.  Turned out a boy and a girl.  Twins.  10yo.  Both had short hair but in a pixie cut.  They were both in identical school uniform which has some gender neutral variants in this case shorts and a polo shirt.  Naturally I was curious and so asked a few questions while chatting with the parents.  Turns out that the kids play on the twins thing and actually try hard to look alike.  The like to have fun confusing people.  Also it seems that the parents encourage this kind of both sexes and either sex thing.  They said that they have lots of identical clothes and mum at one stage said "we keep suggesting that he wear a skirt".  Apparently a balks at that.

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