Friday, May 20, 2016

Other Peoples Lives

It's fascinating reading about and talking with other people.  I get quite depressed about my life.  When I read or talk with others I start to feel lightened.  Maybe some voyeuristic rush, who knows.

On the personal side, I have been amazed and educated about the drama that goes on inside the families of my mates.  Just this morning a group of us had had a training session that concluded of course with coffee.  Some of the guys got onto discussing teenage angst and that morphed into just general home life melodrama.  Now these are not your stereotyped low social economic types.  These are upper middle class well to do.  You know the types.  Battery flat in the Beamer so take the wife's Tesla type of thing.

One fellow had literally kicked his older kid (Just out of school) out for a couple of months and the kid had gone and taken up residence in a backpackers.   Apparently he had had to restrain the kid from hitting his mother but also after the event he privately spoke to the mother about how she had wound up the kid.  Wrong all round.

Another fellows daughter had been unable to get a job after graduating from uni and got depressed.  Spent 6 months pretty much in bed.

Makes my self satisfying depression seem pointless.

In the blog sphere, I have enjoyed reading various blogs.  Recently discovered these two blogs:-
They are a husband and wife in a FLR.  With a willing female maid who is sub to the wife and dom to the husband.  Maid gets spanked.  Husband gets to penetrate the maid at the wife's direction but not to cum.  In fact he is kept chaste pretty much all the time.  The sexual tension is exciting. 

I also enjoy this fellows blog

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