Thursday, May 5, 2016

Who would have thought no orgasm would be a positive

Things seem to be on the up.  Last night she was intimate and said "no" again to my request for an orgasm.  A discussion of several sentences rather than just one or two words.  Some touch.  She stroked my penis and pretty much all over my body.  I cuddled her.  It was nice.  Touch is my love language.

She said she may say no till Mothers Day which is this Sunday pause or Fathers Day which is a couple of months away.  I said "that would be hot"

So now I'm having that kind of apprehensive feeling.  There will be that feeling of loss.  Quite apart from really really wanting an orgasm. 

As she said "you've done it before"
That was referring to when I abstained with her help for the 40 days of lent a few years ago and many years before when in the boarding house, I would abstain during term time.  Being caught "Wanking" could result in slipping down the social ladder to the pariahs. Mind you in the holidays I would masturbate so much that I actually used to look forward to getting back to the structure of life in the boarding house.


  1. Orgasm denial is more than just beneficial in my marriage, it has become so much the normal way of life that I find myself begging her to deny me a full orgasm when we play. Sometimes she admonishes me for asking that because she sometimes just like to see me orgasm, but that is a rare thing.

  2. I think my wife likes me to orgasm inside her. I suspect that she is not enthused by mutual masturbation. Not sure as she is not one to talk about what she feels or wants. It is fun though and a little bit scary. I'll write more in a post