Sunday, May 8, 2016

Various things

This is going to be a bit eclectic

It's been 3 weeks since my last orgasm.  Two weeks on my own and then the last week with the encouragement and support of my wife.

Balls have been aching today.

A degree of excitement, anticipation and to be honest some fear.  A fear for what I wish for so to speak.  I wake up several times last night.  Hard on.  Turned on.  Really wanting to cum.

In discussions this morning, her motivation is "what makes me (as opposed to her) happy". 

We have however spent more time petting and stroking each other in the last few days than for ages.  It is so nice when she teases me and especially nice when she says "no".  Currently she is saying another weak of abstinence and then we will see.  We have also talked about abstaining until Dathers day which is in September!

Nappy Report-
I bought a pack of Molicare Mobile Super Med 14 $AU30.00 from Chemist warehouse.
Impressions are
I would not feel comfortable unless I also wore plastic pants over them.
They do hold more than the Depends I have tried before.
They will hold a full bladders worth.
More bulky and they have padding at the back as well as the front.  For me the padding at the back means they are more noticeable.
I have lain down and wet them with plastic pants on and there was no leakage.
My gut feel is that for day to day wear they are too bulky. 
I think they are best for night time wear.

Dinner with an evangelical atheist-
Had dinner with a group of people sort of associated with my wife's work.  Some out of towners here for a conference.  I was speaking with this fellow who was quite intense.  I actually found the conversation hard going.  At one stage he made some derogatory comment about the church and I mentioned my wife and I attend the local church.  I then spent a reasonable amount of time and effort attempting to not engage in a argument.  I think he wanted to argue the case for gay marriage and also to go through the many contradictions and so on in the bible.  It was hard going and I felt quite disrespectful.  Maybe gays feel disrespect by the church but I also know many church people who have stood up for the rights of gays and there have been times when people from my little local church have flown to Sydney and marched in the gay mardigras.

However the for me the saddest bit was him explaining how his wife used to be a Christian when he married her but that he has straightened her out.  It was just so full of contradictions and sadness for me.  I was finding him really intense and tiring.  I imagined how his wife may felt as he laid out all the faults of Christianity before her.

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