Friday, May 13, 2016

She slept in tights

I love the look and feel of tights (Panty hose).  Last night I received a real treat.  We went out to the theatre and she wore tights.  The next treat was that when she came to bed, she kept them on and then the icing on the cake was that she kept them on all night.  In the past I've asked her to do this but more often than not, she has not obliged.  So this was a real treat.

+    Tights in the evening
++  Tights to bed
+++Tights all night.
+     Just touching.  No orgasms.

This places me in a very positive state of mind.  WRT the future, I am still apprehensive and excited about abstinence but I wonder whether it really is taking off her the feeling that she *has* to give me sex.  I have in recent years found it very erotic to read about people who have abstained.  It is doubly exciting when the wife is forceful and insistent on it. 

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