Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When nothing much is happeningn the mind wanders

Nothing in a sexual sense happening in my life so the mind searches for stimulation.

Read an interview on this blog
The interviewer sent a set of questions to the female blogger who is a dom and her husband is sub.
I found it wonderful to read.  So nice to read of a relationship that is so honest and open.  I contrasted that with the relationship with my wife where I regret that I ever told her of my fetish kink side and now days I feel the need to carefully measure what I am going to say.


  1. I read that yesterday and loved it. She was so open with her answers. She does want to take him deeper in submission and they are having a wonderful journey.

    1. It's great when people are open minded / aware / alert. Fresh.

  2. Yes,I alwsys say "be careful what you wish for"

  3. I have pondered the "be careful what you wish for" thing and maybe once I receive the wish I'll wish I wished for something different.