Saturday, May 14, 2016

Still in the groove

Things are looking more positive.  I still have this personal failing of getting down when reality does not follow expectations. 

-On this, yesterday, my wife was out and about and I was at home but was scheduled to leave at a later time to do some kid taxi driving.  She calls to ask what time I was planning to leave and the jist of the conversation was that she would drop in.  I interpreted this as drop in for some time together.   to some degree of intimacy.  She arrived home announced she was tired and went and lay down and slept.  I immediately felt depressed.  deep breath.

- She tried to get turned on in bed but was unsuccessful.

On the positives
+ We had a small amount of hugging and touching in bed this morning. 
+ Including her asking me to lie on my tummy and she climbing on and grinding against my bum.  So if she had cum then it would have been quite exciting because it would have been without too much of my involvement.
+ She said another 3 weeks abstinence for me.
+ She came and helped me with some home maintenance.
+She wore her lycra mini sport skirt and is wearing it to the gym.

On the "Maybe I should not voice this" line I said to her that I was thinking I should try wearing a nappy to bed.  I wake about 4 times a night to pee.  This of course wakes me up and so my sleep is very broken and also sometimes I wake her up too.

The other though that I did not voice was that she is unlikely to be interested or willing to rub me through the nappy and because of it's thickness, it's unlikely to be particularly stimulating so I may be able to reduce the amount of wishing for touching by her and maybe I guess in a way make the relationship less sexual and maybe make it be a bit closer?  Not sure how to voice this particular line of thought.

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