Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whipping and energy

I have been feelig down (for want of a better word and yes I know it is a sweeping generalisation).

Last few days I have not helped as I should or even as I would like to do.  (Not washed up, cleaned up supported etc).
Last night my wife came to me and showed me a puple sock.  Now even I know that said sock used to be white.  It would appear that the load of washing I did the other day was done by me throwing all the dirty washing in and not checking that there was a wet purple shirt in there from a previous load. It had been washed by her on its own because it runs.

Now at the very least I should have listened.  Putting all kinky submissive stuff aside.  I should have listened.  Adding my desire to be submissive in then I should have listened.

But I didn't.
I argued.

Then she went away.

Then I felt down again.

This morning I said to her that I wished she would whip me for not listening last night and for not helping.  I did a little confession listing off things.

She said "get the whip".
So I got it out and gave it to her.  I lay on the bed and she sat beside me and whipped me.  Then she said turn around face the bottom of the bed.  In a way that was the best part because she was being direct and unabiguous.  She whipped me some more (now on the other side so to speak).  At one stage she said "stop wiggling".  Nice to hear her again being direct.

I just felt clearer after it. 
I felt more energised.
I went in to the kitchen and helped get the kids ready and did the washing up.
She needed to be at a meeting so I suggested to her that she go and I will stay and get the kids organised and be a little late for work.

So to me the whipping focussed me and made me better and I hope she found that to be the case.

It is funny sitting here at work with a bit of a tingle in my backside and although the wipping was not as hard as I am sure many of you have experienced, there are still raised welts on my backside that I can feel when I run my hand across my buttocks and feel when I sit.

So here is to me trying to be good.

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