Thursday, December 2, 2010

The first smack

Well we have reached a mile stone

Last night I lost my temper with her again. As she was preparing dinner, I offered to make some gravy. I like gravy. She started to say she had not planned gravy but then because she knows I like gravy she started to apologise. I snapped back at her "stop apologising".

Fast forward to when we are in bed. I said "I am sorry for snapping at you at dinner".

I said "you know I have been saying I want to stop doing that and I really want you to whip me"

She said "roll over"
She smacked me a couple of times with her had.

I said "Please use the whip. I want it to really hurt"
She said "OK give it to me"

I reached into the bed side draw and pulled out a length of electrical flex that I had previously cut the ends off. I had showed it to her in one of our conversations and said that I wanted something not associated with enjoyable sex. So I did not want her to use her hand because that was intimate and not going to hurt much anyway. I was not sure about a belt because it was so wide so I figured this electrical cord would be painful.

I said "Please tie me to the bed"
she said "just roll over"

She knelt beside me on the bed and I said "arn't you going to stand up so you can hit really hard" and she said "just lie there and stop talking"

So rolled over and waited to see what would happen.
She hit me. Not too hard but it stung.
Then again and again. I lost count but it was painful. I found myself struggling not to squirm and even not to say stop. I wanted it to continue but it was also pretty darn painful. I forced my face into the pillow and bit into the pillow. Anyway after she had done a few. I did not count maybe 10 or 20 she stopped and said "is that enough are you done".

I sat up and hugged her and thanked her.
I was embarrassed but appreciative

Later I asked for sex and she straight out said no. Two weeks will be a good time. That is Monday. Ooooh. How can I wait?

Then this morning I asked again to cum and she said "No! Lie still. Stop waking me up" Thank you.

So she is gaining confidence and I am getting some of what I crave.
I am so so happy.

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  1. Mr. SMH,

    So wonderful. Congratulations! Enjoy

    So happy for the two of you.