Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still abstaining

Its Saturday AM and almost two weeks without sex. Oooohhhhh.

I have asked a few times and each time she has said "no" and each time I have thanked her.

She has also a couple of times told me to "lie still".
It is such a turn on that she is becoming more confident to say that.


  1. yes, to be horney and trying to instigate a response is something I remember. The Around Her Finger site recommends the wife tell the husband to sleep on the floor until it stops.

  2. I suspect it will be a while till she gets the confidence to say that to me. I am not looking forward to sleeping on the floor but I am looking forward to the day she has the confidence to actually command me to do that.

    Other dreams are :-
    Go have a cold shower,
    go for a run
    stand nose to wall.