Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning Tuesday 14 we had sex. I was not desperate as it was only last week. It was good sex. We both came. She tried to come on from on top but was dry so she asked me to come in from on top with her on her back. Then she did not want to roll me over and so it was a real challenge for me to thrust and not cum and eventually I said "I think I am going to cum, can I cum and she said "yes" And I came.

Been a bit ho hum this week actually.

I need to get back into that sub head space.

I have had some reasonable conversations regarding her leading and knowing that she is leading.

The other thing is that she is doing what she is for me because she knows that is what I want. So its kind of the wrong way round. Like I should be doing things firstly for her and she should also be doing things for her and through that I get satisfaction.

I guess I should be realistic that my dream is that she is some sort of dominatrix in a short black skirt and a riding crop. However I know that will never be.



    I mean the getting sex thing was nice, but what I really liked is what you touched on about her doing it because it is something you like. That is a great thing to recognize.

    Let me see if I can chime in. Ms. Rika suggest most woman do not enjoy subjugating their male partner. Doing so is a "gift" to them. Getting a gift is something the submissive man should be thankful for. For instance, if she comes in from outside, takes off her shoes, and leaves them by the door indicating you should take care of putting them away and ensuring they are clean for next time, she is giving you a gift. She may or may not enjoy leaving her shoes by the door, but has extended a gift to you by doing so. Her enjoyment is unnecessary.

    Also, it is not her job to think about things she can do to give you these gifts. That is work and a burden. It is your job to suggest ways to serve her. She then decides if what you suggest is something she is willing to allow. Ms. Rika spells this out very well, IMHO.

    In this way, I think almost no woman would shy away from having a man be submissive to them and assuming a dominant role. All they have to do is decide each time their partner comes to them with a suggestion for a way they can serve them, if what their partner is suggesting is something they are okay with them doing. That is it.

    take care.


  2. Thanks subservient-husband,

    Your posts are always insightful and encouraging.