Thursday, December 9, 2010


It is now two and a half weeks or so since I last came.
My balls ache
I am hard a lot.
I am thinking of her a lot
I want sex
I have not had a wet dream.
When I was a teen, I had wet dreams about once a week maybe more. It was a real struggle. Sometimes not only my pyjama pants were wet and sticky but it would shoot right up onto my chest and my pyjama top would also be wet and sticky.

I had a nice discussion with her last night about teasing and she said that she does not want to tease because it is nasty. Now I know she is not a nasty and not a vindictive person so the thing is how do I convince her that teasing me is not nasty.

She said that everything she is doing is because it is what I want. Making me abstain, eventually giving me permission to cum, whipping me especially.

I said that I wished that I could find a way where she could at least be a little selfish. She said that's not her.

Problem is it is her she does not realise it. She does a lot of things that make me jealous. Things that I see as selfish. he infernal busyness for starters. He always being late when she knows that being on time is something I value.

I note that subservient-husband had the wheels fall off the relationship but the next post shows that they are back on. Which is great for him and his wife.

It made me wonder whether women want what they want but do not understand the impact that they are actually having?
Like it seems that many women are very controlling but would deny it even to themselves.


  1. Hey Submanhub,
    That's a fair amount of time to go without an orgasm. Is your plan to influence her to let you have some relief? After a few days of teasing, I get to a point that I can't think straight and she generally "puts me out of my misery".

    I remember when we were dating, my wife would get some thrill out of teasing me. She would just barely touch my erection, and giggle about it. I was so frustrated, my focus was on my orgasm. Now, our play is mainly just to have fun and it is a little liberating to keep the focus away from me and more on her. She likes it too.

    One thing that seemed to help her with denying me orgasm was that we played a "chastity dice game" where she would role a die and the rule was that I couldn't come until she had had that many orgasms. It was a really fun game and it puts the focus on her pleasure as opposed to just a fixed number of days. Boy, was I motivated to get her "in the mood" to get my own release closer to reality. I think this accomplished two things: it gave an objected denial period that was not dictated by her; and it reduced some guilt she might have felt about the focus of sex being on her. To be honest, orgasm denial is kinda boring for me if SHE isn't having lots of climaxes.

    Hoping that might be a helpful suggestion to run by your wife!

  2. Hi lovetosubmit,

    "To be honest, orgasm denial is kinda boring for me if SHE isn't having lots of climaxes."

    You are absolutely right. She seems to have zero libido. She is doing this as a requested tease on my part. But I am now in this strange mind place where I have asked her to deny me so I can focus on her but she is not getting turned on no matter what i do.

    As another person noted, what we need is romance. So I am looking for ideas for romancing her.

  3. One way of thinking about teasing is the courtship period of a relationship. There teasing is apart of the interactions and expected. That is generally the idea in a WLM too. The wife treats the husband as a courtier and keeps him on his toes.

    The next transistion is trickier. It is not so much her being selfish, but the relationship centered around what she wants, with you acting as support. In that way, she simply uses you to do as she enjoys. To me that is much different from being selfish.