Friday, December 24, 2010

she is on top

Last night (Thursday night) I am drifing off to sleep when she starts to rub my penis and shakes me and says get your pants off.
What err wha er yes right away.
I am waking and she is interested. This is amazing.
She is dry but she is working herself down on me.
I offer lube but she declines. Takes her time.
She moves up and down and so do I.
I am trying hard not to cum and I really actually don't want to.
She cums.
Now I want to cum but she says not now sleep well.

Now its morning and I wonder what will happen.
Once again she is interested.
This time she asks for lube and for me to come in on top of her.
So I do very gently. I am thrustng slow and deep and she rolls me onto my back.
She keeps moving but does not cum.
Then she rolls so I am on top.
I am thrusting slow and deep and I stop because I am worried I will cum.
she says I want you to cum.
I say what about you.
She says keep moving.
I came and then she got excited and I tried hard to stay hard and in the last seconds before I went limp she came.

And that is the morning before christmas morning.


  1. A Merry Christmas to you Submissive Husband! I hope that you find the joy of a Wife Led Marriage that you are looking for, in 2011

  2. Mr. SMH,

    sound like the two of you found the "spark" you were looking for.

    happy holidays.