Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More talk. less sex

We talked more last night.
She still has not gotten comfortable with the idea of leading or that this will even last but at least we are talking.

It is now over a week since I last came. The sexual pressure really focusses the mind. there is still some degree of internal feeling of inadequacy. but that seems to be lessening.

Last night I asked if I could cum. She is on her period. She said "I thought you wanted to hold off for a while" I said that's true but I am so turned on. She then reminded me she was on her period. We then went on to discuss that the idea behind this submission thing is to use my sexual energy to spend the time to get her turned on and that if I get rewarded for other behaviours then I will not focus on her. Mind you what would have turned me on more would have been if she had simply said "no there is no release for you tonight because I don't want it" ie I would have gotten enjoyment out of her being overtly selfish.

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