Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oops again

Ok so last night I grump at her. This and that is wrong and stupid me just lists it all out at her.

We go to bed.
I wake up.
Eventually she wakes.
I say sorry.
I say are you awake enough to administer the punishment.
She says yes.
I close the bedroom doors.
I lie on the bed and she whips me.
Then she sits beside me.
I hug her and ask if she is OK. She says yes.
I ask her to do more and harder. It really hurts but I am really disappointed with myself for being nasty to her.
I tell her that the issues and facts that I have problems with, I still would like to communicate to her. This is about the way I communicate not the facts that I am trying to communicate.
She whips me again.
It hurts a lot.
It is over.

1 comment:

  1. that is the great thing about the corporal punishment approach. Not only does the dominant get to vet their frustration, but once over, the submissive gets the contentment return in knowing the price for the fault has been paid and it is then drifting into the past. I think the two of you found a way that works well.