Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday AM

OK another interesting turnaround.
This morning I open my eyes and see she is lying on her back giving herself a massage of her eyes and temples. I ask if she would like a massage and she says yes. All good. I massage her and I engoy it. She rolls over and I continue.
After a time she thanks me and gets up and goes to the toilet.
When she gets back she asks if I want a quickie and I say no.
She says what do I want and I say that I enjoy her telling me what is happening in the bed room and can I do anything for her.
She says put a plastic bag on.
This means get a plastic bag put some baby oil in it and put it over my penis.
She said roll onto my stomach and she started to massage my penis. I was hard and turned on.
Then she started to rub her hands over my bottom. Over my boxers.
I was wondering and wishinbg she would spank me. I did not want to ask because I did not want to push her. Then she did. She smacked me. Not super hard but enough for a turn on sting. Then she did it a few more times. I was hard and I asked am I allowed to cum and she said yes so I came real quick.

This means that I have orgasmed pretty much every day for the last 3 days.


  1. sounds like you are developing a little bit of a fettish/kink with being spanked. Nice she is induldging both your plastic and spanking fetishes.


  2. Congratulations!! I've never had a plastic-bag treatment... you know my mind is wandering so!! :)

    Sounds like the "wrapping" she mentioned later today is warranted, after this treatment!