Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes Yes Yes

After my last post I went back to bed.
I kissed her and snuggled and she stroked my penis.
I was so turned on and hard and her stroking it actually makes it easier for me to abstain. Which is the opposite of what you might think.

Eventually she said get the lube.
Mate I was on it in a flash.
Out of bed.
Locked the bed room door
Lube out.
Clothes off
I put some lube on my penis and got between her legs and very gently entered her.
I said as I was doing this that I was trying to be gentle.
After I was inside her I gently started to move and so did she.
Then she motioned to me to roll over.
Now with her on top, she removed her nightee and started to work her self up.
She asked me to put my hands on her bottom and the tops of her legs at the back. I did.
Then I held still and said I think I'm going to cum.
She held still
But I could feel the cum flowing.
I said I think I am cuming, can I cum and she said yes.
We started thrusting and we both came.

yum. I could do it all again.
What a way to start a day.

I wonder what we will do next.
Will she make me abstain?
There is a bit of fear here because she has seen that abstaining makes me happier and I think she knows that even though I find it a struggle in some ways, at the same time I am also generally happier and much nicer to her.

I think the balance is long enough periods of chastity to make it a challenge.
Enough attention / teasing to know I am loved and appreciated.
Enough sex that the mariage connection is maintained.