Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get your pants off

Yesterday I was stuffed. I was tired at work all day. Came home and did not much. Lay on the bed and had a sleep while the wife prepared dinner then I did a half hearted attempt at the washing up and went and lay down again and slept. Around 11, she came to bed and that woke me up. So I got up, went to the loo, cleaned teeth and put on my PJs. Still feeling a bit sleepy I crawled into bed and gave her a good night hug and kiss and closed my eyes and lay beside her.

The next thing I hear her say is get your pants off.
Well I am waking up fast here. I am enjoying her getting excited.
I pulled off my boxers and lay there and she climbed on top. I was not hard, felt embarrassed, still half a sleep.
She rubbed herself against me and I started getting hard. Then she reached down and caressed me and I was hard. The embarrassment gone and wide awake, I wondered what would happen next.

She pushed down from on top but was quite dry. I offered lube but she said no. She rolled us over so I was on top and I worked my way in. As soon as I was in, she rolled us back so she was on top. She moved enthusiastically amd much more than she has done for years and here I am trying for all I am worth not to cum. She came and then to my suprise, rolled us over and said keep going. So I did. She came again and I was so so close. I said "can I cum" she said "yes" (mind you I was half hoping she would say no, but I did not want to go against her direction or turn it into a debate) so I thrust a few more times and she came again and I came and it was good. :)

Pulled out, lay beside her. Went to sleep.
So good.
Woke up refreshed.

She was half awake, I asked what motivated her to take the lead last night and she said she just felt like it. That is great. Mind you I still feel a bit like its the wrong way round because I did nothing last night to deserve it. But she did take thelead and I did what she asked. In bed anyway.

Got up came to work.
Left her in bed alseep.


  1. sounds like things are working out wonderfully.


  2. My question is: why were you wearing pants in the first place? Doesn't your mistress require you to be naked from the waste down at all times? Especially in the bedroom? You are always complaining about not getting enough attention, well maybe you should make sure that your mistress's toys~your cock, balls and butt~are always available for her pleasure and visible as much as possible. What she notices more, she will think about more! And...she should be encouraged to play with her toys any time that she wants to, whether or not you get to play!!! SCM

  3. Wow! Three orgasms during one intercourse!
    Lucky guy (and lucky her, of course)! Most women hardly come once during intercourse, and many (including myself) don't reach orgasm that way at all. Your wife ist truly exceptional.