Saturday, December 18, 2010

A turn for the ?

This morning again my wife rose, went to the toilet and on her return, locked the bedroom door. She walked round to my side of the bed and pulled off my boxers.

As you can imagine, I am getting hard by the second and waking up quick.

She gets on top - good
Asks for lube - good.
Pushes down - good
Rolls me over - getting concerned here.

As I am gently trusting in, I enquire if she likes me to push hard and she says yes. I say can I put a couple of condoms on so that I can giver her maximum enjoyment without the risk of cuming and she says no that she wants me to cum.

Then she rolls me over and enjoys herself and cums and then rolls us back over so I am on top and says now your turn.

The problem is I had my turn. I did not cum when she came but I did get intese pleasure out of it. I do enjoy cuming but I also enjoy the tease of not cuming.

Problem is she does not seem to get that. I don't think so anyway.

So I came as instructed and it was good.

It is interesting to look back and see that from when I decided to switch from being a bully to being submissive she has gone from tolerating sex but doing it reluctantly to initiating it and enjoying it.

I will have to talk to her and say that some tease and denial would be nice and also that I do get enjoyment out of her getting enjoyment.

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