Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting back on the rails

I had a headache all yesterday.
I had a meeting that went late yesterday evening.
Got home. Kids already in bed. Got into bed.
Apologised to wife.
Said she should whip me.
She asked if I wanted a head massage.
I repeated that I thought she should whip me because I was so nasty.
I asked her to tie me to the bed but she said that she thought this was so I would learn some self control.
She whipped me.
At one stage she said "was that enough, did I need more".
It was hurting a lot. I could not bring myself to ask for more yet that is what I needed.
Then she did a head massage.
Went to sleep
Woke up this morning and she stroked my penis.
She got out of bed and went to the loo and as she left she said "Get your pants off"
She came back said put some lube on. She then told me to get on top and come in.
Then she rolled us over and tried to get herself turned on but did not cum then she rolled us back over and told me to cum.
I said I really don't think I should as you have not cum.
She said That will be another day.
So I came.


  1. sounds like the two of you are finding a way that is working for you two.

    you fuck up, she beats you and then the two of you have makeup sex.

  2. Why don't you ever report that you have 'worship' time with her? She is coming out of her shell sexually and the more time spent between her legs, the more time she will be be relaxed and finding out what does make her feel sexy and makes her cum! SCM PS...at least twice a day for a start!