Monday, March 18, 2013

A sort of whipping

Lack of time prevents a propper posting.

Thursday night (I think) she wrapped me in plastic - Very stimulating.
Friday night - no whipping but she wrapped me in plastic again.
Sat morning she agreed to cane me.  The kids were still sleeping.  I had been helping the kids clean up some old fishing rods and for one we could only find the hande and about 600mm of rod.  I faniticised about what it would feel like.  So when she agreed I suggested that.  She said OK.  I went and got it.

I lay there face down on the bed and she gave me about 10 strokes from one side of the bed and then walked round and did the same from the other.  Very painful but I gess the difficult thing is I want more.  More pain and bruising.  It was red but not bruised.  I would like fewer strokes maybe but harder.

Sat night - I started a argument.  Got grumpy and thankfully she just got out of bed and got the whip this time - the piece of electrical flex - and told me to roll over.  I said "What about child X who was still awake" and she said "too bad this is more important".  I rolled onto my tummy and she whipped me.  It hurt and was what I needed.

Sun AM I was up real early for exercise then church and then a kids school sport meeting and then I came down with something.  Sick as a dog.  Vomiting and the other end and a headache to top it off.  So from about 5pm - 9pm I was just wasted.  Suddenly felt better.

But she kept working till after 11pm
Then came to bed.
Obviously she was not keen on close contact in case she caught anything.
I of course wanted to talk and engage physically.
We ended up with her caning me just a few strokes and then a bit later I strated an argument.  Stupid me.  No further punishment though that was what in reality I should have received.


  1. I really think she is starting to like whipping you. The whipping is more important that the fact that the child may still be awake? Now we need the children to be away for the night and she can take the skin off your sorry arse for deliberately insulting her intelligence by provoking punishment. Hope she has a woman friend to whom she can display her new prowess over you.

  2. Thoughts
    This using electrical cable and a fishing rod for punishment is all very well but you now seem to have progressed far enough that you need proper equipment. You need to get on your knees and ask permission of your Mistress to buy a proper can and a strap preferably a split tail one. Even better would be for her to accompany you to a sex shop specializing in BDSM equipment and choose items also nipple clamps would come in handy as she likes punishing your nipples. time to up your submission and become her sub slut

  3. Thanks pantyslave,
    The whipping with the wire is painful. I crave more but it will take time for her to be willing to whip harder. Sex shops and anythign BDSM related might be a while away. We can but dream / hope. Nipple clamps ... ahhh wouldn't that be amazing to be made to wear something for a day or a night.

    wrt to your first comment - I can see the day when I am serving champagne to her and her girlfriends and she gets a bit tipsy and tells them about my submissivness.

  4. Nipple clamps 1 hr max and it has nothing to do with pain but the lack of a blood supply for more than an hour can cause permanent damage. Plus the worst pain from nipple clamps if when they are removed and the blood flow returns. Trust me it hurts. You can always start with spring loaded clothes pregs. Quite painful.

  5. Hi Panty Slave,
    We have recently tried clothes pegs. Ahh they were good and painful or should I write painful and good. :)

    Thanks for the pointer about 1hr time frame.