Thursday, March 14, 2013

i am going to be whipped

It is a strange feeling to have.
last night in a short discussion I said I valued being whipped as it helped me to be subissive and she said she said that she would whip me tonight.

It is strange to think that I will be lying on the bed ready to receive physical pain.

I note that in recent times when she twists a nipple or bites me that I can best withstand the pain by just lying on my back with my hands at my side and trying to just be calm.

The bizzare twist is that when we were first married, we used to practice me being in charge.  Head of the House stuff.  The christian husband is head of the wife.  We would actually practice sex with her on the bottom and me on top and I would just hop on and push in and come quickly and pull out.  And she would lie just like this hands by her side and just try and let it happen. 

Anyway I am I have to confess both excited and scared.  I think she is feeling more OK with whipping harder so it may be very much harder than I have experienced before.  Something I both want and am scared of at the same time.

We wait with bated breath.


  1. Wow, lucky you is all I can say. The fact that you can just ask for this and she many of us would love to be in that position.

    Do update us on what happens of course :)

    1. We are a ways away from 'just asking'. I walk a fine line between freaking her out and being open and truthful.

      As you can see it did not happen. In my opinion, because she is too busy. But it also priorities on her part and unfortunately for me, I am not one of her priorities at the moment.

  2. LOL remember the old saying Be careful what you wish for? Hopefully this will be the precursor of many whippings to come. If your Mistress keeps this up, soon it may be possible to gently suggest a weekly maintenance whipping.

  3. Ah yes, BCWYWF. I too crave having my wife whip me hard. But do I like the idea, the fantasy, or the actual act? Want and scared of. Sounds wonderful.

    1. When it is happening I cant wait for it to be over but I crave it before and remise after.