Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An nice gentle orgasm for her

In a way it is harder for me to write when I am happy.  It is easy to come here and pour my heart out when I am sad, angry, drepressed, anoyed.  So this is a bit of a tough write.

After dinner, put youngest to bed early as she was tired. 

Last night we went shopping together.  K-mart was all that was open so we started there.  Matching bra and briefs was on the agenda.  Yes this was more than grocery shopping. 

At home and we made it to bed early.

We played and at one stage she said she just wanted to be gentle.  I would have opted for a good spanking but that comment and her way of touching indicated that was not going to happen.  I wondered if she was trying to show me that love & sex can be rewarding without the kinky side.  Who knows. 

Then she asked me to give her a back massage.  This is good.  I light a candle and turn off the bed side lights.  I ask her to take off her top and lie face down on the bed.  In the half light of the candle I use massage oil and begin to massage her back.  She has been on her period and is wearing undies with a pad in them.  The massage goes for a while and she kindly makes comments from time to time about how good it is.  That is a nice new thing.  I had said to her that I feel I don't get feedback from her and that I would appreciate her letting me know what works and what doesn't.

Then she indicated she would like things to progress.  I do not remember how she indicated this but I ended up kneeling with one knee between her legs and pressing against her and my hand wrapped around from the front and pushing through her undies and pad.  She said she likes it when I push my knee in like that.

At some stage I asked if I could have something.  I suggested plastic pants or the butt plug.  She said ok get the butt plug.  I don't think she was too excited by it.  I lay on my front and she dripped some lube onto backside and then pushed in the plug.  Then I put my undies and boxers back on.  Then we got back to rubbing her.

Then she said that she would like me to take her pants off.  Which I did.  No real concern about blood as it is at the end of her period.

She made comment about me being too rough.  I suggested that I put some lube on my finger and she agreed.  Then with the lube things went well.  She ended up cumming.  She lay there and I lay beside her.

We both drifted off to sleep.

So that was nice.

The introspective analysis.
I wonder when she concentrated on "being gentle" if she was trying to teach / show me that love and sex does not have to kniky.

With the butt plug she seemed concerned that it was painful / uncomfortable and so on.  I tried to communicate to her that that is part of the deal.  I guess a part of the thing that is me and my kink.  A dregee of uncomfortablness goes with it. 

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