Tuesday, March 19, 2013

plastic wrap

Last night when it came time to change into my pj's I asked my wife if I should wear plastic pants.

I had deliberated on this.  She really does not like plastic although she puts up with my fetish and also because I did not want to be petty and I was worried that such a request would be viewed as petty.  But I asked anyway. 

She paused and I was expectecting "all right".  Effectively 'whatever / gee your weird / enjoy yourself / I don't get it.... bla bla'

She paused and said "No not tonight.  Tonight we are going to wrap you in plastic"

This is good.  "Thank you dear" I say.

We go into the bed room.  I already had a glass of water beside her bed and the bed turned back on her side and her bed side light on. 

I take out from my bed side table an old nappy and lay it on the floor.  I took off my clothes and got the bottle of baby oil out of  the top draw.  She sat on the bed and poured some oil into her hand and rubbed it on my tummy, then chest and then she said "turn around".  So I turned away from her and she did my back and butt cheeks.  Then she said "turn back".  I turned and faced her.  She put some oil inher hand and massaged my erect penis.  Ahh what stimulation.

Then she took the roll of cling wrap and started behind my back and through the legs.  Then I pulled my tummy in and she wrapped tightly round my tummy and then up and around my chest.  Then she did something new.  Up over one shoulder and down and between my legs.  Up the back over the other shoulder and back between my legs.  A couple more times round my tummy and chest.  That was it.  Like a plastic leotard.  I loved it.  I put a tee shirt on because I figured should would prefer that to snuggling up to plastic andI asked her to help me put my undies back on for the same reason.

Then she said.  "Put your boxers on, there is a load of washing in the machine.  Come with me you are going to help me hang it out". 

Wow an instruction.  Direct.  too the point.  Who else but a sumbissive guy could enjoy his wife instructing him to hang out washing while wrapped in plastic.  I was somewhat aprehensive that one of the kids might hear me crinkle as I walked.  Visually no concern of neighbours seeing as it just looked like I was wearing a tee shirt and boxer but I did crinkle as I walked.

Then into bed and she ran her hands over my and that was just wonderful.

She said what if she made me go for a walk round the streets with her.  She is into walking and so far I usually do not walk with her.  "That would be so hot" I said.  "What if I made you wear it out" and I said "I would need some kind of body suit or leotard to muffle the crinkling sound" she said "what if I said just like that.  Only someone who had wrapped themsleves in plastic would know what it was" and said "That would be your decision.  It would be so exciting"

 I have to go into work early so I asked her if that was Ok and she said yes.  I asked if it was OK if I took the plastic off then and she said "yes".

Then she said "Now you can massaage me.  I will fall asleep while you are massaging me and you are then to lie still and not wake me up"

Wow.  This was fantastic.  Direcct instructions.  Talking about plastic.  Touching me.  Then having me do something for her.

She lay on her tummy.  I massaged her back, shoulders, head.  Firm at first then getting gentler.  When I thought she had drifted off I just lightly ran my fingers around on her back and when I heard regular breathing, I lay down on my side.

I have woke up.  Can't sleep.  The constriction on my tummy is noticable.  I was sexually aroused.

So I am doing some work and of course making this blog entry.  Still wrapped in plastic.  If I feel sleepy I will go back to bed and then get up and shower and remove the plastic else I will go straight to the shower and then head into work.  A head full of happy memories and endorfins.

It is coming up to 5 weeks of abstinance.
I feel it has become the norm.
I am enjoying her physical attention and I think the absense of expectation of sex on my part has given her space to be physical with me.  Coule be wrong but in the absense of useful feedback from her as to what she thinks and feel I fill the void with my opinions.

I am a bit aprehnsive about the end of lent when I think she will have sex with me or engage in some play like tonight but where she will let me cum.

Aprehensive for a couple of reasons:
a) worried that if we are having sex that I may not actually stay hard.  A by product of getting old I guess.
b) That after I get to cum she might say that was your reward and now have another period of extended abstinance.  She will know I can do it but I will have just felt how good it is to orgasm and then to be thrown right back into abstiannce will be hard.  A good challenge but hard none the less.

It is also interesting to / stimulating for me to think about what I am doing and where we are going.  It will be interesting to see.  Actually she does so much domestic work - cooking, cleaning, ironing.  I sexualise doing that work but when I think about it.  It would exhaust me doing it.  But the fear is that she will allocate more of it to me.  A little is fun.  The whole lot is well unimaginable tortue.

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  1. Sometimes we are surprised when our wives seem to be getting it and much to our delight they give direct instructions and seem to enjoy doing the things we have been craving.
    Where are we going with this? CAn be a scary thought. But would doing all that domestic work be worth the sexual activity that you have had a taste of now?
    I know that I do not want to stop now.