Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are you appropriately attired?

Butt plug, A text message, Nippled pinched, sex with her on top and a whipping all in a night.

Where to start....
Well I went home yesterday for lunch as aranged.  Lunch was just a nice together time.  Eat and talk.  No sex.  But I left with a "lets see what happens tonight" comment.

Last night, my wife is getting ready to go out.  She tells me when she leaves that I should go and put the butt plug in.  She also says later we will try the chop sticks.

On one of our few visits to an "adult shop" we bought a butt plug for me.  It is pretty small but it was a huge step for us.  It is rarely used so this was a real treat for her to instruct me to put it in without me asking.

Off she goes and I get into the chores.  Kitchen to clean up, kids to help with home work and read and pray with, a bed to make.  Somewhere in all of that she sent me a text message although because I was busy I did not realise it had come in.  It said "Are you appropriately attired?"

I read it just as she came home.  So I was able to say to her "just read your text and the answer is yes :)"

After sorting out one kid so they were all in bed she said to me "what duty have you forgotton?".
Oh oops.  I strain my brain but come up with nothing.  Absolutely loving the fact that she is being authoratative.  She calmly said "bins".  Now it has been my job since we were first married to put the rubbish bins out for collection.  Even when the roles were reversed with me as the hoh or trying to be at the start of the marriage.

"Come into the bed room and we will put the chopsticks on and then you can go and do the bins"


I am in the bed room and she says take off your shirt.
She has two chop sticks and she has snapped them in half so each half is about 3 inches long (76mm for those of us of the metric persuasion).  She wrapped a elastic band around one end binding two sticks together.  Then she put that "V" construction over my right tit and squeezed it closed and started to wrap the elastc band around to hold the other ends together.  Holy .... that hurt.  I breathed calmly and tried to relax.  Tensing up made it hurt more.  Then I suggested that we put the elastic bands around both ends of the other two sticks first and then pull them apart and put them over the nipple.  We did that but it turned out in hindsight that her approach worked better.  There was a lot off fiddling trying to pull the nipple through and not as much was pinched and in the end the right nipple hurt a lot more.

Then she sent me off to do the bins and she told me of some garden clippings and branches that had to go in.  Wow.  Every movement I had to be careful.  The sticks would be moved around by my shirt.  When I strained to break the garden clippings it hurt more so I had to be careful.  Even walking was an exercise in focus.  Eventually I had the bins out.  Came inside and she said she had some work to do and would be in bed shortly so if I had anything else to do I should do it.  I cleaned up.  I changed out of my work clothes and into a tee shirt to sleep in.  Now that was hard.  It kept catching on the sticks and gee my nipples were tender.  Almost brought tears to my eyes.

I turned back the bed, got water, turned off the lights round the house and hopped into bed and lay there.  On my back.  Nice and still.  Breathing slowly.

She came to bed.  We talked.  That was great.  She asked if it was painful and I said "yes" and she asked if it had hurt to put the tee shirt on and I told her how it would catch on the sticks.  We kissed.  So intense.

Then she said OK time to take them off and she also said that she would be going to sleep pretty quickly and there would not be much time playing.

Another rush of pain as she took them off.  The left tit, already tender prooved harder to remove and she fiddled about and waves of pain rushed across my chest.

When they were both off she asked if they were tender and gave each a little squeeze and I said yes but please feel free to torture me.  I must be what I believe is called a 'pain slut'.

Then she said "go to sleep Dont wake me"

The alarm is set for 5:45am.  As the clock ticks over to 5:30am I snuggle up to her and she stirs and I say "I's 5:30 can we snuggle and play" She says "Ok for 15 minutes but then she really has to get up".  We snuggle a bit and I say I would love to put it inside her and have her cum.  She said that I was probably too close to the edge.  Then she got up and went to the toilet.  When she came back she said put on a condom.

I said can we try it with two and she said 'yes'.
So I rummaged round in the draw and found two condoms.  Put the first on and then the second.  It was bright red.  I hopped on top and tried to push in gently.  Finally in and she rolled us over.  Then she pulled off and said it was painful.  She said to put on some lube.  I did that and we tried again.  She said that she was tender from the first attempt.  She positioned herself differently and we started to move.  With two condoms on I could move a lot more and trust up as she came down so it was the most animated sex we had had for ages.  Normally this much movement by me and I cum then its all over for her - no chance.  But today she orgasmed and relaxed back and then lay beside me.  (I had not cum).  Then she pinched me on the nipple (they are still tender) and said "I have to get up its almost 6" and with that the day began.

Personal reflections

Somewhere in the last day she said she was trying to work through the list of things I had said that titilate / turn me on.  Wonderful to see her putting in such effort for me.  The challenge now is of course for me to lift my game.  To consciously speak her love languages.  In that regard, I have been gently in speach and action.  Kissing and touching her gently and also saying nice words and trying to restrain myself if I get grumpy.

Comdoms- You can see how they are a girl thing.  I recall early in our marriage that I did not like them because they dulled the sensations.  Yet now that is exactly what makes for better sex for her.  Once we get away from the idea that a guy needs to cum then they enhance sex for her. 

We did talk at some stage about how she felt inflicting pain on me and she said that she did not feel good about it but that she knew that it was exciting me. 

We also talked about me asking to go to the toilet.  She said that she has to deal with that at school with kids asking to go. Basically to get out of doing some school work and she tells them to hold it until break time.  I said that I was not trying to be a kid and I reminded her that when I was trying to be the leader that I tried to get her to ask my permission just to demonstrate submission.  Making a sacrifice for the other.  She said 'no' it was too much like little kids in school.  So I guess good and bad there.  Being told when to go and when to hold would be good for me keeping a submissive mindset.  On the other hand when you need to go it can getuncomfortable. 

So I guess in a way I am topping from the bottom.  But we are expanding our horizons and hopefully bring us back closer together and making our time together more fulfilling.


  1. Sounds like a "fun" time with the chopsticks. My wife recently did something like that with 3 pairs of chopsticks very creatively attached to my cock and balls. Made it quite difficult to walk, but I loved it.
    My wife has the same issue with not wanting to hurt me, but seeing that I do enjoy it she has progressed fairly well, but I sure do hope she goes further with it.
    We have had a few nights where I had to ask permission to go to the toilet and I enjoyed her control. I can see under the circumstances where this would not work for your wife.
    I would like to try play piercing, but my wife is an IV nurse and it would be too much of a mental conflict for her.
    I also struggle with not coming too soon after a period of tease and denial. Condoms sounds like that could help. Haven't used them in a very long time! Funny that they would be used now to prevent orgasm rather than pregnancy.

  2. You have no business telling your Mistress the way to put chopsticks on your nipples. Hope she makes you go shopping with her with the but plug in your arse the whole time and she lingers and talks to any friend she meets.

  3. Hi Pantyslave,
    'no business.....'
    An interesting dilemah for me to consider. Given that we are both just learning about this and also given that she has not been overtly dominant. On the other hand it was brought home to me that her way was the best way. Easier to put on and far more painful and in the end more satisfying.

    When they are being overtly controlling it is so much fun.
    It is interesting how things interrelate - the IV at work translates into not wanting to do it at home and the use of condoms onece to stop pregnancy now to help make for better sex. It's all in the mind I guess.

    Thanks guys.