Friday, March 15, 2013

No whipping

So my wife works all day yesterday.
Then makes dinner.  Yes I know all you purists out there would say I the submissive husband should make dinner.

Then tells me she is supposed to go out with her girlfirends but that she is really tired.  Should she go.
Now if she had asked me that even a few weeks ago, I would have said a resounding 'no'.
She is over committed, run down and I am lonely.
now is now and I am trying to be submissive and wish for her to be the dominant leading wife.
so I say words along the lines of
"I will support whatever decision you make"
she then texts one of the girl friends who texts her back telling her to be ready in 10 minutes.
So she tells me she is going.

My concern here is that she lets the girl friend tell her what to do but these days she takes no notice of what I say.  A week or so ago on a Monday night she had asked me if she could go out and i had said 'no' and she had gone anyway.

She tells me that I will have to put the kids to bed and so on.  I smile and say that is fine I want to support her and let her feel free to go out.

So off she goes and I do have a lovely night with the kids.  I have a game of chess with one child.  Help another with some homework.  Intervene on an argument.  Cumfort the youngest who managed to slip on the stairs.  I also make sure the dishwasher is loaded and running and the kitchen is clean.  The glass of water beside her bed and the bed turned back. 

I go to bed and fall asleep.

About 11pm I wake as she arrived home.  She tells me she has to shower and send an email and then she will be coming to bed.

Off into her office.  I take a deep breath.  So often this makes me angry and angry is not what I want to be.  Half an hour later she emerges.  (How long does it take to send an email?) then has a shower and then comes to bed naked.

I had toyed with getting the whip out but I really want her to be a bit more proactive.  A bit more demanding.  I also confess to being a bit scared so I left the whip in the draw in the bedside table.

So I try to get a conversation going and all I get is "yes we did talk about that".  So basically a whipping was not going to happen or if it did it would be somewhat half hearted on her part and even though it mught hurt me physically I felt it might be just a let down so I decided to leave that go.

Then I had an idea.  I have always been turned on by plastic.  I said "would you consider wrapping me in cling wrap" she said (surprisingly) "yes".  So I went and got some.  Then I said could you put some baby oil on me.  She said "OK" so I took a towel and put it on the floor in case there were any drips.  She put the oil on me using her hands and finishing with my now erect penis.  Oh yes.  Some tease and denial.  Then she wrapped me.  Including a bit between my legs.  Nice and tight across my chest and tummy.  The closest thing I have experienced to a corset.   

I put on a tee shirt because I figured she would not like the direct touch of plastic.

Hopped back into bed and snuggled up to her.

Then she said she was tired (I don't blame her - she in my view is actually run down but anyway who am I to tell her).  Then she said to set the alarm for 5:30am.  She went to sleep.

I lay there basking in my own excitement.  Not wishing to cum but very very turned on.  I felt very warm as one would expect.  Fell asleep and slept very well actually.  Woke at 5am.  Still turned on and busting to pee.  She awoke shortly after.  I would love to ask her permission to pee but I think she thinks that sort of permission giving is petty / trivial.

We hugged a bit.  The alarm went off.  She got up.  I got up.  I hopped in the shower and peeled it off.

In the kitchen she asked if I could take oldest child to the station.  Then she started to say:  if it's OK / not too much effort kind of thing.  I said "Pleasse.  Be confident.  Be in control.  I want to be helpful and it is a lot easier if you are clear with what you want.  You want me to take him to the train so just say it.  I will do everything I can to make it happen.  For me the most useful thing was that I now had 10 minutes or so to get ready and go.  Usually she gives me no notice and the first I know if it is when she is walking out the door to do it herself.  So I gulped down some breakfast.  Grabbed brief case and took child to train and contiued onto work where naughty boy that I am I am on the net writing this blog.  :)

I had also in the morning suggested that it would be nice if she were to call me home at lunch time and whip me then.  She thought about it and listed off all the things she has to do today.  It's just not going to happen today.  Or saturday or sunday as we are both busy on the weekend with church and kids sport and she is presenting at a conference.  Cripes I need a whipping just to clear my head.

So we wait and see.

I am not sure what to do really.  She is way over committed.  So many things just get half done.  I just discovered that she has missed a deadline on one of her projects.  Came after a phonecall home just now to check something. 

So my submission is my way of dealing with her having turned her attention to other things.  In a way it is a "look at me, here I am ...shocked"  I guess.  It is also a way of helping her and I really do get a satisfaction out of helping her. 

(Part of me thinks she should be whipped for being too busy and especially for missing the deadline.  but that ain't gonna happen).

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