Friday, March 22, 2013

oh wow

I received the text from my wife.
I went home
She said do you want lunch or discipline first.
I said "I would prefer to do the discipline first"

We went into the bed room and she said to get the ropes out.  She then said she was going to turn on the radio so the neighbours dont hear anything.  While I tied them to the legs of the bed, she went and turned on the radio in the lounge. 

I took off my clothes and put on my boxers.  I put two pillows in the middle of the bed and lay over them.  She tied me spread eagle.

She took the electrical chord out of the bed side table draw.  Then she said "Did you (me) lock the back door"  I said "I don't remember".  She gave me one whip across my backside then put down the chord and went to check.  When she came back she gave me about another 10.  Wow that hurt. 

Then she said I want you to count them.  I counted.  1...10.  then she went round the otherside of the bed and did another 10.  So we were at 20.  Then she came back and stood at the corner  of the bed and layed a few on at a bit of an abnle.  That was a bit different.  Then a few from the other corner and finally back to the first side of the bed.  We were at 40.  She stopped.

She asked what I was feeling and I said good.  I felt submissive.  I felt sorry for the times I had forced her into doing things.  She said do you need more and I said yes.  She went and got the fishing rod and hit me with that.  I said what were we up to and said 31 then 41.  She did 5 on each side with the fishing rod and then went back to the cord.  We were at 51.  Then we got to 60 and she paused and then one more with the cord and she said "That was for loosing count"


She left me tied face down.

She went and made lunch.

It did not take long for my elbows to start acheing.

Then she came an untied me.
I dressed.
Had lunch.
Talked a bit about the two being one and the need for harmony in the family and she mentioned that youngest daughter had apparatly confided to my wife that she thought mummy and daddy might be going to break up.  I said that is why I am submitting because our family needs unity.  We hugged.

I went back to work.
here I am updating my blog (naughty me).
Feeling great though.  None of the down feeling of the beginning of the day.


  1. Wow indeed. If that's what it takes to bring you together, bring it on!