Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orgasm date set

My wife had given instructions not to wake her before 5:30 and that I had 5:30-5:45 for play.

At about 5:00am she got up and went to the toilet.  I was awake and that was partially because my bladder was full.  But wrapped in plastic meant that it was not really possible to go.  Plus the idea of holding it was a turn on.  It was kinda weird lying in bed, desparate to go and hearing her do a long wee in the toilet.  When she got back to bed I said "I am desparate to pee, tell me to hold it" she said just the right thing "What time did I tell you" and I said "5:30" and she said "Well hold it quietly".

So I lay there.  Tried a few different positions to try to doze but the combination of a full bladder and wrapped in slippery plastic was keeping me aroused and awake.

On the dot of 5:30am I snuggled up to her.

She said "Have you been watching the clock and I said yes"

We cuddled for a few minutes and she rubbed me in a tease was and I said "stop" and I just lay there on the edge.  When I had relaxed I said "What would you do if I came".  I was hoping she would punsih me with a whipping.  She said "you (meaning me) would enjoy a whipping too much.  You would need a real punishment.  If you come then I will not cuddle you nor let you touch me till Easter.  No physical contact".  She is right.  No physical contact would be terrible.  I would feel lonely, neglected.  I am sure I would get very very moody. 

The she said "Lie back".  She hopped on top and started rubbing against one of my legs.  Then she moved to rubbing her crotch against my very hard penis.  She said "tell me if I need to stop".  Twice I had to do that.  She would move up and I would put my hand in between her legs and she would keep rubbing.  Then she had her orgasm and relaxed on top of me.

After a while she rolled off and lay beside me.

After a few minutes she said the best orgasms are when we cum together.  That is for her the best consumation of love.  She said "Pack some condoms and plastic bags for Easter"  She then expained that I would be cumming on Easter Sunday.  We are going camping so I will have to be quiet.  I queeried the plastic bags and she said "for variety who knows how you will get to cum I want to keep my options open". 

So there we have it.

A fantastic night and start to the day and a date and there is one more thing.

I have an invitaton home for lunch.
There may be a whipping.

She rarely wears pants.  A result of my insistence early in the marriage.  I said that i my new submissive mindset I would like her to feel ok to wear pants.  I said look I will feel emotional I am sure when I see you wearing pants.  She has a couple of pairs of pants.  I said it would help me if you were to wear them and show me you wearing them and then have me lie down and be whipped while you wear them.  I think that will help me to transition to being accepting rather than resentful.

I suspect she would like to wear pants when we go camping.

So we wait and see.



  1. Wow, huge leaps forward! Congrats. You lucky man. ;)

  2. Way to go looks like Mistress is starting to show you what you didn't expect. Telling you that a whipping is not necessarily the punishment for an orgasm. The old saying may b comming into play. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Yes I am lucky and yes 'be careful what you wish for'
    But I am loving it. It sure is a change from harsh words and night and angry departures for work.

    As I said I am somewhat aprehensive about orgasaming again but also she says for her it is best when we orgasm together. And her wish is my command :)