Saturday, March 9, 2013

ah ah ah oooooops

OK so this is just one of those documenting sex posts in dot point form.

Fri night and she is home late
Wearing dark blue tights (pantie hose) ah so nice.
Short denim mini skirt.  Oh yes
She lies across the bed with her legs over me and a smile on her face.  (She knows I like this).
We play around.
She says "I thought you might like to take off my (her) top".  (note 1)
She is wearing new grey + coloured spots bra.  Ahhhh
We play around.
I ask if I can put plastic pants.  I had hoped she would simply tell me to put them on sometime.

She says that she had been thinking about the woman who did not let her husband thrust.
This came from a NFP forum that I had been reading
- Natural Family Planning basically a catholic abstinence method of preventing pregnancy.
In this formum, dominated by women.  They were discussing how to support / deal with their husbands and the pressure they felt when they did not get to have sex or masturbate.
My wife and I continued to talk
She asked what were his thoughts and I said we only got her side because it was her posting.
I said though that obviously they found ways to express their love that overcome the pressure he felt or I guess he would have walked.

She then said yes to the plastic pants. 
After the previous discussion this was a bit swing left and then right.  I was surprised and also it messed a bit with my mind.
We play a bit more
She tells me to go to sleep.

In the morning she complains that I have woken her up and she wanted to sleep in.
Oops the plastic pants were too much of a distraction.

So I get up and go check my blog etc.
She comes in and says she can't sleep so I may as well come back to bed.

After a while she says to put my penis inside her.
I take off the plastic pants and clean up.
Put on some lube and get on top and push gently in.
We roll over and she works herself I feel a loss of control coming so I say stop and I lie still and so does she.
We continue.
Then I feel the loss of control and she hops off but even though I lie still on my back I feel something run out.  Not an orgasm but some runnty white fluid.  Precum I guess.
She grabs the nappy we use to clean up, shoves it between herlegs and masturbates.
She says "put your hand on my bottom".  I do.
She cums.
She pulls out the nappy and gives it to me. 
I clean up the wetness I made.
We lie beside each outher and doze.

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